Bahama Caribbean Dried Starfish 6
Dried Bahama Starfish

Bahama Caribbean Dried Starfish 6"+

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Bahama Starfish
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Caribbean Bahama Dried Natural Starfish, also known as the Cushion Sea Star

These are a real natural dried Caribbean Bahama Starfish Sea star. We offer them in a couple various sizes from 6" and larger and each one is unique with no two the very same in color or shape.

The Bahama Starfish is considered to be an invertebrate that belong to the Animalia kingdom. Most starfish typically have five rays or arms, which radiate from a central disc. However, several species frequently have six or more arms. About 1,800 living species of starfish occur in all the world's oceans, including the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern Ocean regions.

These starfish make great display items for your beach theme room or craft project. These are very easy to paint or just leave natural. Sizes are not exact and sold in a rough range not exact and may possibly be slightly smaller or larger. Sorry we do not do special size requests.

Scientific name: Oreaster reticulates

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