Black Coral Sea Fans Dried
Black Coral Sea Fans

Black Coral Sea Fans Dried

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Black Coral Sea Fans
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Dried Natural Black Coral Sea Fans. Sea Nature Coral.

We offer them between and around the sizes Listed 5"+, 8"+ to 10"+ to 12"+ in size and larger based on stock at the time you order. They are measured by the length and or width and are pretty much like a tree branch and have a feel and look of a tree branch. Each one is unique in shape just as we are showing in the multiple photos. These are real dried sea creatures and not man made and will show sign of age and or wear and tear and natural imperfections. No two are exactly the same. We sell them by size and species listed only. No special requests. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the products we are offering are not man made and come from the ocean. The black fan can also be used in a fish tank. We strongly advise that you look up in the aqua guide instructions on adding a foreign item to the tank for it can change chemical levels in the tank.

These are a beautiful species to add to any collection or use in a craft a shadow box and more. This fan can also be painted to any shade. Each one is unique.

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