Must-Know Facts about Clam Shells for Baking

Scallops clam shells for baking are pretty famous, especially when talking about seafood. But, apart from making scallop seashell crafts, the clamshells are also renowned for baking food items. These are lip-smacking because it nurtures a natural
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Charming Home Décor with Painted Hermit Crab Shells

Your home is your refugee from the world. It can be your office stress or dealing with the outside world that makes your life difficult. And, thus your home should reflect a relaxing and comfortable place for you.

How about adding the enigma of painted hermit crab shells to your home décor?

Yes, it can be beautiful. The little things that are done here and there make a huge part of creating belongingness in your space. The best part of using the painted hermit crab shells is that they pair up with almost everything in natural elements or décor items.

We will be checking out some of the most incredible ideas to use the painted hermit crab shells in this quick read. It pairs up with your favorite color curtain, or it can be your old vase, your ceiling décor, and more! 

So, here is how to begin!

Painted hermit crab shells to pair with your home décor

What is essential is your relaxation at home. And so, colors play a significant part. The crab shells are painted naturally and come with coastal life's essence. It makes it more special for you to incorporate them into your workspaces and homes. Run through some of the most fantastic ideas to use the all-new painted hermit crab shells from the North Florida Shells at the best price.

Tip 1: painted hermit crab shells with your gifted wall hanging

A wall hanging is a great element that peacefully elevates your space's look. It does not require additional maintenance and can be well managed by everyone. Here, you can use the painted crab shells to impart a colorful look. You can also use mirrors and hermit shells to make it look more soothing, with a touch of marine life!

Tip 2: Create a colorful false ceiling with painted hermit crab shells

Most people who love stars and the moon go with the stickers and create a false ceiling with them. So, if sea life fascinates you, get the painted hermit crab shells to decorate on your false ceiling. It will not require much effort and look fabulous while using these shells with sticking elements to re-create your room.

Tip 3: Your main door needs your attention

The hermit shells are a great way to decorate your doors and windows. In addition, you can use the painted hermit crab shells to make a wind chime with all colors. Also, buy the bulk seashells from North Florida Shells to compliment th colorful hermit crab shells. It goes well with all sizes and fixes with almost all decorations for your home and terrace.

Tip 4: Decorate the lamps with painted hermit crab shells

Lights spread happiness, and with painted hermit crab shells, it will glaze more! The beautiful lamp lights are soothing to the eyes. Plus, if you place them in your drawing room, what can be better than capturing vibes. The hermit crab shells will look beautiful with the lamp lights.


The best part of using the painted hermit crab shells from North Florida Shells is the quality of shell you get at affordable rates. In addition, the seashells are all-natural, and no artificial methods are used to refine them. Thus, get your home a creative feel with the store's finest quality painted hermit crab shells. 

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us

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Tips for Choosing the Best Hermit Crab Shell for Your Pet

When you domesticate a hermit crab in your house, you need to make sure that it is absolutely comfortable with the house that you are offering to him. from the size of the crab to the size of the opening, there are various things that need to
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Make Your Edifice Look Epoch with Classic Purple Barnacle Cluster

Using sea creatures for various decorating purposes has become a trend now. In visionary creative prospect, it is considered that these creatures give a more refreshing look with a sense of a beachy vibe. Isn’t it amazing?   We
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Spread Togetherness with Large Turbo Hermit Crab Shells

There is one beautiful thing about large turbo hermit crab shells- Elegance. Yes, the hermit shells symbolize communications and relationships in this manner. So, decorating your workplace and home with large turbo hermit crab shells can add charm to your ambiance.

At North Florida Shells, you get assorted hermit crab shells at affordable prices. We send you a beautiful mix of large turbo hermit crab shells in various sizes. Since these are all-natural, and not man-made, it comes in imperfections and authentic colors.

So, how can we use the hermit crab shells?

We have a few tips for you. Indeed, each of the lots comes in1/2’’+ in size to 2’’+. Also, it will have mouth openings between 1/16’’+ to 1’’ in size. Indeed, if you want, you can use it for crabs. So, follow the below tips to use the hermit crab shells with us:

  • Colorful wall-mirror décor

The large turbo hermit crab shells are amazingly colorful. Plus, since the colors are natural and come in assorted sizes, the hermit crab shells make everything unique. You can decorate wall mirror décor. The placing of the shells may depend, some in horizontal, some vertical, and others in diagonal frameworks.

Yes, the colorful mirror with shells will look beautiful behind your settee or your sofa. 

  • Bedroom Sidewall décor

You can decorate the wind chimes with the large turbo hermit crab shells. The wind chimes can be placed near your bedroom window or even in the central part of your room. The wind chimes, along with the colorful shells, will make it enormously captivating. At North Florida Shells, you get the best seashells at an affordable cost.

Buy now, and decorate your bedroom to breathe in a marine ecosystem! 

  • Turn your ordinary vase into a stylish one.

The crab shells can be placed to stick into the outer part of the long and short vases. Indeed it is either good when laced on the dining area or the living rooms. Large turbo hermit crab shells will make it worth looking at every time you see it! Plus, if you are coloring the vases, make sure you stick the crab shells carefully. The carb shells are best reflected with golden-colored or silver-colored vases.

  • Fill your central table with shell décor

Your central table locks the look of the whole room. So, keeping it attractive means adding elegance to the complete house. The large turbo hermit crab shells can reflect a marine outlook for the central table décor. You can either make small décor elements to place behind the plating or use it as décor for water jugs. The colorful pieces will refresh your mind and make it lively for you to settle in a new place faster.


You will find high-quality marine products at the most affordable prices. At North Florida Shells, as a customer, enjoy the deals of free shipping, and order the best and novelty sea products now. In addition, get these ideas to work for you with the most delicate seashells from us.

For any queries, contact us now!

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BIG Offer: Best Quality Sea Urchin for SALE at North Florida Shells!

Are you looking for the perfect DIY sea urchin décor? If yes, grab this big sale of sea urchin for sale at the most affordable price from the North Florida Shells. Indeed, sea urchins are one of the loveliest sea creatures.

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Choose the Beautifully Painted Hermit Crab Shells for Your Next Décor Idea!

How about choosing an attractive coastal look for your home décor? Indeed, it is an excellent idea to set the tone just right to find your home amidst the beaches! 

Painted hermit crab shells from North Florida Shells are perfect for collectible needs, décor ideas, and craft designing. Not only that, if you want to revamp the aura of your space, whether it's work or home, seashells will do it right.

Here is a quick read about the various uses of painted hermit crab shells. We help you better with magnificent ideas to use the crab shells for best results. 

So, the first things to hit are the beautiful marine life- The Aquariums!

Yes, you use the painted hermit crab shells in the fish aquariums. It will give a natural look to the fishes and also help them live better. Indeed, returning to their habitat is always soothing! The hermit crab shells are painted and are available in attracting colors to place them along with the stones in the fish aquariums or bowls.

Secondly, you can get painted hermit crab shells to extend your collectible needs.

Seashells are mesmerizingly beautiful, and hermit crab shells will add more elegance to them. The hermit crab shells with alluring texture and colors will reflect the beautiful coastal collectibles in one box. Well, it seems incredible to collect the best quality painted hermit crab shells from North Florida Shells.

Your home can breathe better with better décor ideas! 

Your space, home, or workplace needs to be friendly and inspiring. Fresh ideas always come to calm minds. And, so the painted hermit crab shells can help you make your place lively. The hermit crab shells with unique colors and sizes are perfect for including them in any decorating piece. So, whether it's your big vase on the table, which looks dull now, or the traditional mirror works- seashells can give it a new look.

Indeed, craftworks are treasures. 

Use painted hermit crab shells for your craftworks. And believe us, it will charm up your craft pieces. The crab shells give a fresh look to your work. Plus, your unique ideas to use the crab shells will make it more valuable.

We have all types of painted hermit crab shells.

Yes, if you are looking for the perfect habitat for a hermit crab, the painted hermit crab shells will be the best option. They come in different mesmerizing designs, including smileys and the Pirate. They add a unique character to your place and a coastal feeling to your home.


Get the best quality painted hermit crab shells from North Florida shells at affordable rates. In addition, most marine products are available for free shipping. So place your order now for the best quality seashells and marine products.

For any queries, contact us now! 

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Wholesale Bulk Shells for Craft Decoration

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Hermit Crab Shells: Things to Know About the Little Creature

Hermit crabs are one of a kind. No doubt! Besides their beautiful body, there are many unknown things about the little creature - especially, that they locate and use another animal's shell to survive and habitat. A hermit crab carries this
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Things to consider when you pet a hermit crab

TETRACYCLINE BATH —    Administer a Tetracycline Bath when the hermit crabs arrive at your store. The bath solution is made using one 250 mg capsule of aquatic Tetracycline dissolved in 1/2 gallon of room temperature spring
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Decorate Your Hermit Crab Shells: The Best Way to Paint

Hermit crabs are one of the most amazing sea creatures. Besides being beautiful, it is absolutely interesting. This is the reason why many people have a soft spot for this crawly critter. They are fascinating enough to make you spend your
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Buy Bulk Shells to Improve the Quality of Your Life

According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, every place holds an energy field and its aura. Besides that, there are objects that can enhance the positive energy of any place.    Shells are considered to be one of such objects
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We Have a Profitable Deal for You- Buy Bulk Shells at the Best Price Now!

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Here are the Real Sand Dollars for Sale at the North Florida Shells!

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