Things to Know Before Buying Dried Seahorse for Sale

Sea horse is one of the most amazing creatures which is mainly found in the shallow and tropical salt-water across the world. These beautiful fish are available in various colors and sizes. They can be as long as 14 inches and can be as small as just an inch.

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Make Exotic Nautical Necklaces with Starfish and Sand Dollars

It is perhaps the right thing to say that we all love beaches and thinks of getting a vibe around all the time. Whether you get it from beautiful shells, the salty air, or the calming sound of the waves; there is nothing that can make you feel better than spending a relaxing time on the beaches. 

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Buy Seashells in Bulk to Constructively Use Them

Buying seashells in bulk can help you attractively decorate your house and surroundings for every occasion. These small sea elements can add an exquisite feel, making it look different from your usual surroundings. Also, your guests will find your home more arresting, and they will definitely praise your creativity. 
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How to Make Golden Cowrie Shell Necklace?

Wearing a golden cowrie shell necklace is one of the most famous trends of the ’90s. But the good thing is that it has returned for the spring. People are paying a large amount of money to be part of this trend. But not you! How? You can simply DIY a golden cowrie shell necklace yourself, without wasting any money. 

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DIY Your Jewellery Piece - Sea Urchin Necklace

There are many people who love wearing coral jewellery pieces. But there are only a few who love making jewellery for themselves. With a DIY necklace, you can show your creativity, without spending a large amount of money on it. Using sea urchins as jewellery is one of the most interesting things. 

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