Must-Know Facts about Clam Shells for Baking

Scallops clam shells for baking are pretty famous, especially when talking about seafood. But, apart from making scallop seashell crafts, the clamshells are also renowned for baking food items. These are lip-smacking because it nurtures a natural
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Charming Home Décor with Painted Hermit Crab Shells

Your home is your refugee from the world. It can be your office stress or dealing with the outside world that makes your life difficult. And, thus your home should reflect a relaxing and comfortable place for you.

How about adding the enigma of painted hermit crab shells to your home décor?

Yes, it can be beautiful. The little things that are done here and there make a huge part of creating belongingness in your space. The best part of using the painted hermit crab shells is that they pair up with almost everything in natural elements or décor items.

We will be checking out some of the most incredible ideas to use the painted hermit crab shells in this quick read. It pairs up with your favorite color curtain, or it can be your old vase, your ceiling décor, and more! 

So, here is how to begin!

Painted hermit crab shells to pair with your home décor

What is essential is your relaxation at home. And so, colors play a significant part. The crab shells are painted naturally and come with coastal life's essence. It makes it more special for you to incorporate them into your workspaces and homes. Run through some of the most fantastic ideas to use the all-new painted hermit crab shells from the North Florida Shells at the best price.

Tip 1: painted hermit crab shells with your gifted wall hanging

A wall hanging is a great element that peacefully elevates your space's look. It does not require additional maintenance and can be well managed by everyone. Here, you can use the painted crab shells to impart a colorful look. You can also use mirrors and hermit shells to make it look more soothing, with a touch of marine life!

Tip 2: Create a colorful false ceiling with painted hermit crab shells

Most people who love stars and the moon go with the stickers and create a false ceiling with them. So, if sea life fascinates you, get the painted hermit crab shells to decorate on your false ceiling. It will not require much effort and look fabulous while using these shells with sticking elements to re-create your room.

Tip 3: Your main door needs your attention

The hermit shells are a great way to decorate your doors and windows. In addition, you can use the painted hermit crab shells to make a wind chime with all colors. Also, buy the bulk seashells from North Florida Shells to compliment th colorful hermit crab shells. It goes well with all sizes and fixes with almost all decorations for your home and terrace.

Tip 4: Decorate the lamps with painted hermit crab shells

Lights spread happiness, and with painted hermit crab shells, it will glaze more! The beautiful lamp lights are soothing to the eyes. Plus, if you place them in your drawing room, what can be better than capturing vibes. The hermit crab shells will look beautiful with the lamp lights.


The best part of using the painted hermit crab shells from North Florida Shells is the quality of shell you get at affordable rates. In addition, the seashells are all-natural, and no artificial methods are used to refine them. Thus, get your home a creative feel with the store's finest quality painted hermit crab shells. 

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