How to Decorate Your Home with Dried Urchins to Give a Beach-Like Vibe?

It is hard to get over the relaxing beachy vibe, once you are back from an extended summer vacation near the beach. Isn’t it?

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DIY Wedding Bouquet with Painted Hermit Crab Shells

It is always amazing to attend wedding beside the sea beach. Those weddings give a beachy experience along with coral vibes. So what would be the best present that can be gifted to the wedding couple on their big day?

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Trendy Dried Starfish Decorative Ideas For 2019

You will find many people across the world who loves collecting dried starfish from the beach or from various sellers. People like storing them in aquariums to make it look beautiful. But, there are many other people also who collect dried starfish to decorate in their homes, and not for putting them in tanks. And trust me; dried starfishes look great as home decorative, especially if you are someone who loves beachy, nautical, and coastal surroundings and themes.

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Tips for Buying Bulk Shells Online

There are many reasons why people buy bulk shells. It may be for starting up seashell decoration business, or it can be for seashell crafts. Whatever the reason is, there is a very high demand for shells in bulk. However, there are certain things which you have to keep in mind while buying bulk sea shells as there are gazillions of sellers on the internet who are there to fool you with fake products. Factors like quality of the product, retailers, and price of the shells are some of the few things which matter a lot while buying shells.

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