Attention: Wholesale registered Buyer's. We have a NO RETURN POLICY. 

Retail Buyer return Policy Below.

We ask that all buyer's know and understand what you’re buying and the sizes you need and how they are sold before you buy from this site. As long as you know what your buying and how it is sold no customer service will ever be needed. If you are unsure of the size you are buying we ask you to please send us a message or call us and then ask for a return And Please only buy sample sizes when unsure of the sizes you need.  We want to make it clear we do not do returns.

  If you buy in bulk then we would think you know what your buying.  

 Damage claims: Insurance must be purchased for items to be covered for damages or loss done in shipping and you must contact us with damage issues in 24 hours or less from delivery. You will be responsible for filing the claim and providing pictures to the carrier. Please note that all claims will only be paid upon acceptance by the carrier after you the buyer file the claim. When a damage claim is needed and processed the refund is given only after the claim has been completed and finalized from the carrier. We do not ship replacements for items damaged in shipping. 

Buyers buying sand dollars and urchins or any item in our site to be shipped do so at their own risk as stated in the item description of the item you purchased! These items are not allowed to be returned for any reason no matter how many you buy. These are items we sell to many buyers who use them broken or not for many other things not requiring them to be perfect and undamaged for there uses. So if you want damage coverage we simply ask that you buy insurance for all orders when you check out.

Please note: We are selling natural dried and untreated sea life in most cases so we do not do returns for dead smell, color variations or tint color or because an arm or arms are not in the position you like. We are selling real dried sea life products and they are not man made. All Sizes are not exact and some may and will be smaller or larger than the size listed. Please read the description prior to any purchase. You are buying real natural dried dead sea life and real seashells and some may still have that wonderful dead beach aroma. All our products are naturally sun dried. Not taxidermy. 

Should we make mistake on the order, you will receive a store credit or a refund will be issued once we have determined the problem.  

Not deliverable: Orders returned to us not deliverable by the carrier; you will be notified and you will be required to repay the shipping to reship the order. If you do not respond we will issue a refund minus a 50% restocking fee and our shipping and handling costs to ship the order.  Not deliverable as addressed issues. Buyers it is your responsibility to provide us a correct address and buy insurance. 

All orders returned by UPS not deliverable; please note you will also have to pay a return shipping charge of $12.00 plus the shipping to reship the order back to you (UPS Policy). When a damage claim is needed and processed the refund is given only after the claim has been completed and finalized from the carrier.  If you do not respond we will be issue a refund minus the re delivery fee minus our shipping costs and a 25% restocking fee.


No exceptions allowed.