Emerald Green/ice Sea Glass Mix
Emerald Green/Ice Sea Glass Craft Glass

Emerald Green/ice Sea Glass Mix

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Emerald Green/Ice Sea Glass
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Emerald, Green/ ice Mix Sea Glass

Available in 1/2-pound, 1 pound or 2-pound sizes.

A quote from the supplier, the broken Craft glass is could have been gently tumbled by the ocean's waves and tumbled by Machine or many other processes.  Our sea glass gems are magical little treasures with Crisp and smooth edges, each piece is unique in size and shape. Use sea glass craft gems to accent your floral designs, candle holders, steppingstones, and aquariums.  They are also beautiful when used in wire jewelry, wind chimes, mosaics, picture frames and more. 

Sea glass craft gems will add color and originality to any decorating idea. In these bags of glass each piece measures from 1/4" to 1"+ with flat slivers and nugget pieces possibly in each bag as is shown. So, to make it very clear This glass is recycled glass from a large glass factory, and some may or may not be tumbled by the oceans. each bag unique. We do not tumble the glass we sell it the way it comes from our supplier with smooth or sharp edges. If you require the glass to be tumbled more, we suggest you buy a tumbler and tumble it yourself. Let me Make it clear this is not beach find glass it is what is listed nothing more nothing less.

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