p1398 - Redneck Coon Dawgs Tshirt

p1398 - Redneck Coon Dawgs Tshirt

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p1398 - Redneck Coon Dawgs
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This listing is for the print design shown. p1398 - Redneck Coon Dawgs. Confederate Flag Dixie rebel Shirt Free shipping. All our shirts are pressed to order when the order is placed. This heat press design is printed on a Heavy duty preshrunk Quality T-shirt.

The design can be placed on the front or back. If you would like the large print on the back of the shirt we will automatically place a smaller pocket print on the front of the shirt.

We only print on Quality T's, we use 50/50 and or 100% cotton Tshirts. Quality varies based on cotton prices and stock at the time of your order.

We have been printing Tshirts for over 10 years! We have the most state of the art Heat press machine to ensure quality printing on every shirt. Most all the designs can be worn by men or women

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