Porcupine Blowfish - Dried 17
Porcupine Blowfish - Dried Taxidermy with Hanger

Porcupine Blowfish - Dried 17" -18"+ X-Large

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Porcupine Blowfish - Dried X-Large
Part Number: BF - 1026-20
Dried Porcupine Blowfish, Blow Fish 

Real Dried Taxidermy Fish with Hanger

This fish will measure around 17" to 21"+. 

This is dried and sealed. 

These Fish will make for the perfect home decor Display in your Nautical themed area, drawing everyone’s attention to this unique piece. 

We carry real dried taxidermy porcupine blow fish in wide range of sizes starting from 4 inch to 13+ inch in size. They are all natural and not machine manufactured. Each of the porcupine blow fish is unique and is perfect for the craft, décor, wedding and collectibles. They have been dried, sealed and preserved and will show signs of fin wear from being net caught. The eyes ayes are fake and glued on. These fishes are measured in length from tail to longest point on the nose of the fish.

The one shown is a 6"+

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