Sugar Starfish Dried
Dried Sugar Starfish

Sugar Starfish Dried

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Sugar Starfish Bulk
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Bulk Lots of Dried Natural Sugar Starfish. 


Wholesale Bulk lots of dried starfish.

These bags are unsorted; we ship them to you the same way they come in, so you get some larger ones for the cost of the smaller ones.

Our dried starfish are available in bags of 3, 6, 12, 25 & 50. Sizes are from around and between the sizes listed. We do not make any guarantee on specific size requests sometimes they may be on the larger side of the scale or smaller side of the scale. Sizes available in 1"+ to 10"+. Lot sizes are based on the starfish size. These are one of the most popular dried Starfish with our crafters, wedding Planners and collectors.

Great to use in Crafts Wedding Decorations Christmas Decorations and more! If you are buying a case or bulk bag lot these are unopened unsorted boxes or bags and sent just as we get them dried naturally. This species dried starfish comes from Mexico and please note that some boxes or bags may contain some small still alive sea bugs. We do our best to get them off but sometimes they are hiding very well in the starfish, and we do not see them. If you treat the starfish with a clear coat spray they will die. 

Some boxes or bags door will have broken points and odd legs in the bulk box or bags. Some boxes or bags may have some slightly smaller or larger than the size listed. Please note sizes are not exact. Each box or bag is unique no two lots the same. Sorry, we do not do requests for specific sizes and colors of dried starfish as these are not a man-made product and we are at the mercy of how Mother Nature has them grow and come from the supplier. So please allow for variances and imperfections.

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