Sunflower Starfish Dried Natural 2
Sunflower Starfish

Sunflower Starfish Dried Natural 2"+

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Sunflower Starfish Natural preserved.
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Dried Natural Multi leg Sunflower Starfish.

We offer 2 sizes in this species dried starfish.

The Starfish we have available in this species will measure between from 2"+ & 3 1/2"+ in size & 3 1/2" & 5" in size.

Please be aware Each one is unique and beautiful.

All Juvenile sunflower stars start life with five arms by maturity they sport up to 24 arms. Most sea stars have a one-piece, semirigid skeleton. However, the sunflower stars skeleton has a few disconnected pieces. They allow the sun star's mouth to open wide and its body to enlarge and take in big prey. A sunflower star can swallow an entire sea urchin, digest it internally and then expel the urchins waist of its external shell.In Monterey Bay, the sunflower star eats dead or dying squid.

Scientific Name: Pycnopodia helianthoides Habitat:Kelp Forest Animal Type:Invertebrates Diet:crabs, sea cucumbers, snails, chitons, sea urchins, dead or dying squid and other sea stars Size:low intertidal and subtidal zones from Alaska to San Diego Relatives:other sea stars, brittle stars, urchins, sand dollars, sea cucumbers; Phylum: Echinodermata. Sizes are not exact and sold in a rough range not exact and may possibly be slightly smaller or larger. sorry we do not do special size requests.

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