Syrinx Aruanus Polished Shell
Syrinx Polished Shell

Syrinx Aruanus Polished Shell

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Syrinx Polished Shell
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Syrinx Polished Shell seashell.

This species shell is Great for Display and More.

This species shell comes Between in the size ranges 11"+, 14"+, 20"+ to 22"+ in size In Length. Each one is very unique and may, do and will show wear on the points, wormholes and imperfections from growth and more as is shown in our photos and stated here in the description. Be very aware no two are the exact same and the larger they get the more character the shell gets from its long life in the sea. These are not man made and not perfect shells as shown and stated.

 Sorry we do not do requests these shells are sold by size and species only.

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