Broken White Coral Pieces
Broken White Coral Pieces

Broken White Coral Pieces

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White Coral Pieces
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Broken White Coral Pieces. Dried Natural Sea Coral.

We offer This item in a 1 pound and 2-pound bag. Roughly what 1 pound could look like is what we show. each piece will measure around at least 1" to up to 5" in size + or - in size
They are measured by length and or width. Each one is unique in shape. These are real Dried Coral pieces and will show sign of age, wear and/or tear. 
No two bags are exactly the same color tints may vary as made by nature. Sorry No requests! These are a beautiful species to add to any collection or use in a craft or displays, weddings and more.

Sorry no photos of the exact ones on this site.

Sizes are not exact, and some Pieces could be smaller slightly or larger.

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