White Finger (Pencil) Starfish

3"+ Bleached White Finger Starfish Sea Star - Individual and Bulk Lots.

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Bleached Finger (Pencil) Starfish - Bleached (White) 3"+
Part Number: WSF - 3

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3" + to 4" + White Finger (Pencil) Starfish - Sea Star Bleached (White) Free Shipping!

This finger pencil species of white starfish are sold individually and in bulk lots.

These Bulk Bags are unsorted, Please allow White Tints to vary and leg position and lengths to vary due to not being man-made. In some lots you may also get some larger ones for the cost of the smaller ones, sizes of our white starfish are estimated only and not exact. 

Please allow for Natural blemishes and imperfections from being not man-made. These are a real dried white star fish items and not man-made. Sizes are in a rough range & some could be slightly smaller or larger. Each bag is unique. These white star fish are the most popular with our Crafters, Wedding planners and Collectors.

White Star Fish are Great to use in Crafts, Wedding, Decorations, Christmas crafts and more! We offer Free standard shipping on these lots! Sorry, we do not do special size requests due to not man-made. Please note that the photos listed here in the ad are only the species starfish we are offering. Be very aware the sizes shown are 2" to 7" and for example of species starfish only!

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